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Definition of the Process, Photos and Artwork

The Ocean Wash technique is a process I started doing 30 years ago. In this process, the ocean helps create the artwork. First, the art surface is taken directly into the ocean waves where the first layer of random patterns is deposited in sand. Then, the surface is taken away from the waves and acrylic paint is poured onto the wet sand patterns. The colors are mixed by the wind and wet sand patterns. The drying process takes a few days.


Once the acrylic Ocean Wash is dry, the excess sand is wiped away. The ocean has provided the images and inspiration which are then painted. Occasionally I add objects the ocean has provided or other accents. The ocean helps make these decisions. After experimenting, I have occasionally painted the surface first or added a modeling compound to change the possibilities. The artwork, as is the artist, are always evolving. Below is an example of how the progression emerged for "Mermaid Tails" 

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Ocean Wash final "Mermaid Tales" painting
Ocean Wash starting with a mouth
Ocean Wash adding face and hand
Ocean Wash adding a mermaid tail and seahorse
Ocean Wash adding ocean life and more details