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Welcome to Lightfield Art Video Page!

This page is devoted to videos of my Ocean Wash and the recent January 2024 interview by First Coast Living with Jordan Wilkerson.

Please go to the Ocean Wash, Available Art and Recently Sold pages to view available and sold artwork.

The Ocean Wash technique is a process I started doing 30 years ago. In this process, the ocean helps create the artwork. First, the art surface is taken directly into the ocean waves where the first layer of random patterns is deposited in sand. Then, the surface is taken away from the waves and acrylic paint is poured onto the wet sand patterns. The colors are mixed by the wind and wet sand patterns. The drying process takes a few days.


Once the acrylic Ocean Wash is dry, the excess sand is wiped away. The ocean has provided the images and inspiration which are then painted. Occasionally I add objects the ocean has provided or other accents. The ocean helps make these decisions. After experimenting, I have occasionally painted the surface first or added a modeling compound to change the possibilities. The artwork, as is the artist, are always evolving.

Still working on embedding videos and but try this link for the interview with First Coast Living:

Ocean Wash Artwork by Deborah Lightfield |

control+click to play  Or, try copying and pasting onto search?

About Deborah Lightfield

I have created art all my life through different careers; however, I am finally able to focus on just producing artwork. Over the years I have created and sold artwork ranging from Realism to Impressionism to Expressionism to Abstract. I have focused on and elevated the Ocean Wash Technique, with the help of the ocean! The ocean has always been a source of calm for me as I hope my paintings will be for you. 


If you have any questions or just want to chat, please subscribe, email and/or Facebook me., Facebook: Lightfield Art

Instagram: Deborah Lightfield


Love, Peace and Happiness.
Deborah Lightfield

Artist’s Statement

I create artwork because it brings me joy. I have come to realize that I can shut the world out if I listen to some good music and paint on the lanai. Nature inspires me. Exploring a new medium or technique are rewarding challenges. My surroundings, beliefs and experiences have influenced my artwork and it is important to expand and expound on all of these. My artistic intention is for my art to interpret these subjects while using a variety of expressive, interesting, and bold colors and textures. I enjoy the challenges of making unifying compositions, working with different styles or experimenting with different mediums. Art is a multilayered experience with many perspectives. Personally, I want to live and create while seeing similarities and embracing differences. The visual experience of music, nature and positive energy have always been important parts of my creative process. Hopefully, my visual interpretations will relate to the viewer with the joy I had in creating each piece of artwork.


Artist’s Background

Deborah Lightfield moved to Florida after retiring from two careers – twenty years in the jewelry industry and twenty years as an art teacher. She earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from James Madison University in Virginia, Gemologist Certification from the Gemological Institute of America, California. Throughout her career, she has created artwork that has been displayed and sold in many galleries and art shows. Deborah has lived in Virginia, New York, California, Illinois, South Carolina, and North Carolina. She worked on Princess Cruises for two years. Her career and interests have taken her on travels around the world.

Fun fact: Deborah is related to James McNeil Whistler

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