Deborah Forrest Lightfield


Artist Statement

Art reflects the artist’s surroundings, beliefs, and experiences.

The more I paint, meet people, visit galleries, and study art history,

the more I enjoy this journey of exploration. 

My artistic intention is for my art to interpret these subjects

while using a variety of expressive, interesting, and bold colors and textures.

I enjoy the challenges of making unifying compositions,

working with different styles or experimenting with different mediums.

Art is a multilayered experience with many perspectives.

Personally, I want to live and create while seeing similarities

and embracing differences.

The visual experience of music, nature and

positive energy have always been important parts of my creative process.

Hopefully, my visual interpretations will relate to the viewer

with the joy I had in creating each piece of artwork.


Artist’s Background

Deborah Lightfield moved to Ponte Vedra, Florida, after retiring from two careers --

twenty years in the jewelry industry and twenty years as an art teacher. 

She earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science

degrees from James Madison University in Virginia. 

She also received the Gemologist Certification from the

Gemological Institute of America in California.

Throughout her career, she has created artwork that has been

displayed and sold in many galleries and art shows. 

Deborah has lived in New York, California, Illinois, South Carolina and

North Carolina. She worked on Princess Cruises for two years.

Her career and interests have taken her on travels around the world. ·       

Perhaps the artistic DNA genes have been handed-down to me from

my great-great-great uncle James McNeil Whistler     deborah lightfield on Instagram


Deborah Lightfield