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The Ocean Wash Process; Photos and Artwork

The ocean has always been a source of calm for me, my muse and a major influence in my work. This inspiration is apparent in my Ocean Wash artwork. What I find incredibly challenging and satisfying, is that every Ocean Wash experience and product is different because the conditions of the ocean are ever changing. Nature truly is participating in the physical synergy. 


The Ocean Wash technique is a fascinating method I implemented into my artistic body of artwork. Over the years I have elevated the process to create fine art that is archival. And, as with all my artwork, I incorporate my individual "artist's voice". 


Ocean Wash is created by submerging the watercolor paper or canvas directly into the ocean waves. A layer of wet sand creates random patterns. The substrates are then placed upon tarps on the beach where acrylic paint is applied onto the wet sand patterns. As the paint dries, the brilliant colors and textured sand arbitrarily respond with the help of the wind and sun to create inspirational compositions. Ocean Wash usually takes a few days to dry, after which excess sand is swept away. Amazing and complex shapes and colors are revealed, and the imagination is inspired. The artist then develops these ideas by additional painting techniques. Over the years, I have approached the process with various applications including pre-painting the surfaces or adding modeling compounds to vary the outcomes. Of course, the art process, artwork and the artist are always evolving.

Below is an example of how the progression emerged for "Mermaid Tails" 


Ocean Wash starting with a mouth
Ocean Wash adding face and hand
Ocean Wash adding a mermaid tail and seahorse
Ocean Wash adding ocean life and more details
Ocean Wash final "Mermaid Tales" painting

Available Ocean Wash Artwork

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