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Galleries where you can see my artwork:

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery; 137 King St, St Aug, FL; Open everyday 11-5; 

The Art Center; 320 East Adams St in Jax, FL; 12-5 except Sundays

St Augustine Art Association 22 Marine Street; St A, FL;

1-4 Tuesday- Sunday;

FemArt Gallery within The Nest; 476 Riverside Ave; Jax, FL; M-7 9-4

Ready for Adventure.jpg
 Ready for Adventure; Ocean Wash and Acrylic on Watercolor Paper; in 28" x 22" custom white frame. This artwork was selected for the Members Show at St Augustine Art Association and will be hanging through the month of May. Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday 12:00-4:00 pm, located at 22 Marine St., St Augustine. (904) 824-2310. Also look at all the artwork on the website

Ready for Adventure” was inspired by what I remember as being the ultimate summer experience as a child. To be near the water, especially the ocean, was where some of my best childhood memories were made. One vivid memory is of my grandmother reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to her grandchildren, which lit a curiosity and desire for adventure. My grandmother is one of my greatest influences in life. She was one of the strongest women I have ever met and she taught me to live life to the fullest. She made sure I was exposed to travel, the arts and any opportunities for growth.  To me, she was joy and love personified. In essence, this painting was my attempt to express joy from my childhood’s perspective.

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Welcome to Lightfield Art Gallery

I have created art all my life through different careers; however, I am finally able to focus on just producing artwork. Over the years I have created and sold artwork ranging from Realism to Impressionism to Expressionism to Abstract. I have focused on and elevated the Ocean Wash Technique, with the help of the ocean! The ocean has always been a source of calm for me as I hope my paintings will be for you. 


If you have any questions or just want to chat, please subscribe, email and/or Facebook me., Facebook: Lightfield Art

Instagram: Deborah Lightfield


Love, Peace and Happiness.
Deborah Lightfield

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