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Galleries where you can

see my artwork:

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

137 King St, St Aug, FL

Open every day 11-5 

Ancient City Art Gallery

11 Aviles St; St A. FL

11-6 every day except Tuesday

St Augustine Art Association

22 Marine Street; St A, FL

1-4 Tuesday- Sunday

 New Artwork to be at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery Friday, January 5th from 5-9pm 

"Inward and Grounded" and "Upward and Growing" Gold Acrylic on Canvas, each 17.5" x 32.5"in custom white frames

Upward and Growing Inward and Grounded.jpg
Butterfield view.jpg
ACAG 2.jpg

I was interviewed this week on First Coast Living by Jordan Wilkinson! Video is: Ocean Wash Artwork by Deborah Lightfield |

First Coast Living photo.jpg

Faces and Figures, Juried Show for January at St Augustine Art Association: "Peek-a-boo!", Ocean Wash and Acrylic on Canvas, 10.5" x 13.5" in white floating canvas frame. 

Artist Statement: "

Artist Statement for “Peek-a-boo!”

My artwork goal is to bring joy, and this piece definitely brings me joy, hope it does for you, too. The interaction of animals and human will never cease to amaze me. The Ocean Wash technique is a process I started doing 30 years ago. In this process, the ocean helps create the artwork. First, the art surface is taken directly into the ocean waves where the first layer of random patterns is deposited in sand. Then, the surface is taken away from the ocean and acrylic paint is poured onto the wet sand patterns. The colors are mixed by the wind and wet sand patterns. The drying process takes a few days. Once the acrylic Ocean Wash is dry, the excess sand is wiped away. The ocean has provided the images and inspiration which are then painted.  Occasionally I add objects the ocean has provided or other accents. The ocean helps make these decisions. After experimenting, I have occasionally painted the surface first or added a modeling compound to change the possibilities.

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Welcome to Lightfield Art Gallery

I have created art all my life through different careers; however, I am finally able to focus on just producing artwork. Over the years I have created and sold artwork ranging from Realism to Impressionism to Expressionism to Abstract. I have focused on and elevated the Ocean Wash Technique, with the help of the ocean! The ocean has always been a source of calm for me as I hope my paintings will be for you. 


If you have any questions or just want to chat, please subscribe, email and/or Facebook me., Facebook: Lightfield Art

Instagram: Deborah Lightfield


Love, Peace and Happiness.
Deborah Lightfield

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