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Ocean Wash, Acrylic

on Watercolor Paper

27”x 21”

Original Fine Art



Art reflects surroundings, beliefs, and experiences.

My artistic intention is to interpret subjects while using a variety of expressive,

interesting, and bold colors and textures.

Lionhearted, is created on one of my most vibrant and beautiful Ocean Washes

 the ocean and I have created to date.

The colors just screamed out “lionfish” to me and I obeyed.

 Because the Ocean Wash was so perfect, I could not add blue to the background,

so I added a wavy line that should tell the brain that the lionfish is, indeed,

swimming in water.

To be “lionhearted” is to be courageous and brave.

Hopefully, my visual interpretations in Lionhearted will relate to the viewer

with the joy I hoped to infuse into this piece of artwork.

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